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Business Tax Return Checklist

I.  Income-All income (with very few exceptions) is reportable, bring information about questionable times

II. Expenses

A.  All cash (or check) expenses- payroll taxes, ins., advertising, contributions, supplies, postage, attorney fees, vehicle expense, travel, lodging, entertainment as well as any other reasonable expenditures made in the ordinary course of business.

B. Mileage on vehicles

C.  Asset (equipment, furniture, automobiles) purchases-  we need invoices or bills of sale

D.  Other information

1.  Year end inventory @ cost, not sales price

2.  Business loan balances & interest paid (don't forget loans paid off during the year)

3.  Sales of assets-if you sold or traded equipment, vehicles or stock we will need sales documents

4.  Accounts receivable @ year end (what people owe you)

5.  Accounts payable @ year end (what you owe others) for inventory items

6.  1099 information-if you paid over $600 to an individual or any amount to attorneys.  If you have not prepared 1099's we can help you, but they are due at the end of January

Remember, this is not meant to be an exhaustive list.  If you have any questions, bring the information with you and we will discuss it.